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Slimming center

Keeping your body fit is one of the biggest challenges which the modern man faces.The sedentary lifestyle, poor diet and stress are the main factors that force us to gain weight and ruin our figure.

There are not so many effective methods to solve this problem which can be applied to the everyday life of modern man, but with us you will be able to find a solution.

We believe that individuality is the decision of each problem. That's why when you contact us we will do a thorough analysis and we will create for you a highly individual diet.

Thanks to it and the special training program which again will be created by your needs, we will help you to permanently deal with the extra weight.

Our slimming center offers its services for more than ten years. During this period we had gone through thousands of clients. A huge percentage of them got great results.

Don't you want to be part of them?

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Healthy food – what you need to know about weight loss

Which fats are not harmful and why should not deprive your body of them?

Vegetable fats and oils

Native vegetable oils have a much stronger flavour and can be well used for seasoning food thus. In addition, they also have a more intense colour. The refined vegetable oil are more durable and can be heated up. The taste is much more neutral.

Linseed oil

The linseed oil is derived from flax seed, the ripe seeds of the linseed plant. In nutritional science, linseed oil is considered very healthy and was even for medicinal plant of 2005 selected. The durability of linseed oil is limited to a few weeks. It should be used quickly. In the kitchen, it can be well used as a substitute for butter or vegetable asparagus. A particularly well known is the dish potatoes with cottage cheese. This condition only by the addition of linseed oil to their specific tastes. Linseed oil should not be heated strongly and is rather unsuitable for frying.

Rapeseed oil

Rapeseed oil is one among the edible oils as the oil with the highest fat content and the unsaturated fats outweigh significantly. Add canola oil 100 g 7 g saturated fat, 62 g and 27 g monounsaturated polyunsaturated fatty acids. As with all vegetable oils, virgin rapeseed oil must not be overheated.

Depend on fitness and sport – Intense exercise stimulates fat burning

It is known that the fat burning begins only after a half hour of training, and that the pulse it must remain moderate in the “fat burning zone”. However, that it has now been disproved. For fat loss, the body derives its energy from completely meaningless source. Because carbohydrates can also be converted to fat forever, only the overall balance is crucial.

Only those who burn more energy than their body receives can achieve healthy weight loss. The more calories you spend, the more successful will be your weight loss. Of course, one’s own load limit should not to be exceed here.